" true meditation " is not the thing to do, it just "appears"

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True meditation is not the thing to do ,it just appears.
true meditation is only done for that we truely love,
so as it is commenly being said that, love is not the thing to do it just appears, and this is also the fact,that only one who seeks the path of true meditation at his higher peaks of sprituality through meditations, on his internal path understands that their is no difference between god ,love and meditation, at the end all three things appears same for him,
so we should not try the meditation, the thing to do is ,to create a true love for god ,that can only give us the true meditation, dont forget the true meditations just appears,
we can have a look on the history of true spritual masters,
we can see that they just created the love for god ,as a result what happened, the true meditation appered automatically, the true gurus or teachers, always try to create their seekers love, towards god, so that the true meditation could appear.
just forgive me if i have said anything wrong, goodbye.