"TIME" is the most precious gift of "GOD" to mankind.

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151) Journey through life with kith and kin is like a journey by train. On the other hand journey through "ADHYATMA" is like an endless and a lonely journey undertaken for self realization
28h March, 1994
152)Detachment from self, children, mother, wife, and native place in difficult even for great saints. Confine to "GRUHASTHASRAMA” (worldly obligations) while discharging your responsibilities seeking Lord’s blessings.
16h April, 1994
153)Gram will germinate only when water in sprinkled whether kept in an old cloth, or new. In the same way life turns meaningful to both rich and poor only when divine blessings are showered on them.
22nd April, 1994
154)"TIME" is the most precious gift of "GOD" to mankind. This should be utilized properly without wastage that too in his service.
23rd April, 1994.
155) The thought that we are paying in this life, for our sins committed in the past is a first step in the right direction towards the towering "ADHYATMA".
30th April, 1994.

156) You should be aware of the hunger of a person lifting a bag full of rice meant for you and your family's consumption. Do pay him liberally for the labour so that his family too can have a square meal.
28th May, 1994.
157) Do not run after for money, instead of granting happiness may ultimately create lot of restlessness.
11th June, 1994.
158) Do not enter into disputes and fights. Also do not give scope for jealousy. If possible pardon your enemies or at least keep away from them.
12th June, 1994.
159) If you can afford to forget those who did favour to you, there is no point in remembering those who fared badly with you.
24th June, 1994.
160) Difficulties are like dirt to our clothes, wash and wear them again. Do not get disappointed when some thing bad happens and do not get overjoyous when good things happen to you.
21st July, 1994.

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It is the most precious gift of the mind, not of God :-)

If there is something which is irrelevant to God, it is "time" as it doesn't exist, it is just a measurement of the mind.

It can be said that time is the most precious gift of the mind. And as such, it is not precious at all.

silencio | Tue, 06/07/2011 - 16:19