"To Thine own self be true"

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When I was growing up on this ranch there was a large impressive monument and it was inscribed with this saying' "To Thine Own Self Be True" and I could never understand what it really meant and I would ask many people what a self was and they would say, It's you!
your the self...okay I'm a self..got it...I'm a self...but again, What is a self??? What am I. and how can I be true to this whatever I am ..so yes on the path we learn that we are not the body not the mind not the subconscious, not the conscious..not the super conscious not the brain not the spirit not the soul not the over soul and then I find out theres not just one self I have many parallel selves and we're all living parallel lives in simultaneous time in different dimensions.
The closest I ever came in all these years is that God made me in his image so all I have to do is tell you what God is....then I will know what I am.....what a self is.........but words are for the world of form and God is formless..I can't tell you what God is.
Strangely enough there was no answer and that was the answer