"a teaching of baba"

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one of my babas teachings are that ur subconconcious is ur true self..
ur purpose on earth is to:-
1.learn new lessons
2.shed ur karmas
3.protect ur loved ones on earth
4.complete ur spiritual mission on earth
as our mind is a logic one hence it asks proof for each and every thing it is told to understand.take one..for example each time we wake up our subconcious..we realise that we have our seperate identity...and that we too have our dreams and aims to achieve sth. in this very life...may it be to serve ppls as doctor,to be a good human being,or to realize god etc..
but "u need to first realise urself"..that is the turning point from were u can know the truth completely without any referance..as truth is elemental and would shine as a clear mirror when shed off with its dirt.
we have been given assets which needed to be realised ..some rules of this world which NEED to be known ...even to walk on the spiritual path...u NEED to have ur own DEEP FOUNDATIONS..

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Self Reallization...........

Very true!
Foundation has to be very sound and strong.Self assessment or realization is essential for every true Spiritual seeker.....Every individual has gifted some unique quality by GOD....and that quality will only sprung....when you identify it.....that is possible only when you are CONSCIOUS.......

bonya basu | Sat, 11/06/2010 - 06:17