"Story about the Buddha" from Recent Satsang

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This is from a recent Satsang/Meditation
which can be heard on this Youtube Video Here

"I've heard a story about the Buddha
and that when the Buddha attained enlightenment
he was just silent.

He didn't say anything.

And the story that I heard was
one of the Gods or Angels
came down and said
'Why are you silent?
We want you to say something.'

And he said
(I'm going to paraphrase here)
'Those that experience this
don't need any words
those that have realized this
that are living this,
don't need any words.

And those that are not
realized in this
those that are not
awake in this,
experiencing this,
cannot know it through words.'

I don't want to get into debate
about whether Buddha said that or not
but it is a beautiful story;
a beautiful illustration
of this nothingness.

So I'm not talking
to teach you anything.
I'm talking just so we have that
auditory connection.

Maybe the words help
guide you a little into the peace
but really, there's that joy
of the vibration of this silence,
this nothingness that is coming
through the sounds.

Does that make sense?

When I'm speaking
my experience is it's
just a vibration of Shakti
a vibration of this nothingness.

And that vibration is calling you.
That vibration
is what is being communicated.

In any of my weekly quotes
or e-books or conversations with you
to me, that vibration is the all and everything.

It is this vibration that is calling your home.

Like a dinner bell.
Did your parents have a dinner bell?
You were out playing in the woods
back when there were more woods
and when it was dinner time,
your mother rang a bell
to call you home.

For someone who's identified
with their mind
this conversation seems nonsensical;
seems crazy.

And maybe I am crazy
I will not dispute that point.
But it's a lovely lovely lovely craziness.

In my experience
this vibration is what guides you
to the truth.

If you feel it,
if you feel the vibration in the words,
even in the vibration in the pause
between the words,
the vibration in the silence,

they are the ebb and flow
of the same ecstasy.

Much love,


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The Ebb and Flow

" If you feel it,
if you feel the vibration in the words,
even in the vibration in the pause
between the words,
the vibration in the silence,

they are the ebb and flow
of the same ecstasy."

Beautiful, Kip.


".....this manifested reality is not only not different from the Absolute, but it is an embodiment of the Absolute itself."~~~Igor Kufayev


MAI | Thu, 03/20/2014 - 05:31
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Natural Meditation

Hey Kip,
Here's a most beautiful description of Natural Meditation, that I came across. "You don't meditate. You allow meditation to happen."
" Natural Meditation is simply resting as effortless, choice-less, silent awareness." ......This is one of the most beautiful descriptions of spontaneous meditations, that I've read..!! It is, nevertheless a description, not a prescription... "mistaking descriptions for prescriptions......"

"How many of the ways (disciplines, exercises, practices) recommended as helpful, or even necessary, for the attainment of SATORI are not in fact CONSEQUENCES of that state erroneously suggested as MEANS ?"

From "Fingers Pointing Towards The Moon"


Natural Meditation by Tom Thompson~~~

"""You don't meditate. You allow meditation to happen.
Natural Meditation is simply resting as effortless, choiceless, silent awareness.

Simply means natural meditation is not difficult or complex. It is a natural, effortless way of being.

Resting means you are not attempting to change or accomplish anything. You are simply resting, allowing everything to be as it is.

Effortless means you are not trying to be anything or anyone, nor make anything happen or not happen. You accept and welcome everything as it is, including yourself and your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Choiceless means you don’t have to choose one thought, feeling, or experience over another, nor think or figure anything out.

Silent means resting as the silence out of which everything arises and to which everything returns. Silence is the source of all there is. Silence is what is. You are this silence.

Awareness allows everything to be. Awareness is all-inclusive. It is the ultimate context of all and everything. You are effortless awareness and this is true under all circumstances. Simply rest as awareness, aware of itself.

When meditating, it is helpful to sit in a comfortable, upright position, with spine, neck, and head in alignment.

Sometimes gentle awareness of the natural rhythm of your breath helps you relax into meditation.

Notice that you don’t really breathe, as breathing happens by itself. You are being breathed. Without any effort at all, your breath naturally flows in and flows out like gentle ocean waves. Relax into feeling yourself being breathed. Allow your awareness to gently surf the natural flow of your breath.

As you feel the one breath breathing you, your body/mind system will naturally relax into natural meditation. You make no effort to meditate, as meditation now happens by itself. Just as a pole vaulter has to let go of the pole to go over the top of the bar, so you now let go of all methods and SIMPLY REST AS EFFORTLESS, CHOICELESS, SILENT AWARENESS."


MAI | Fri, 03/21/2014 - 07:32
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Thank you Mai!

Thank you Mai! I love your comments and quotes.

blissmusic | Wed, 03/26/2014 - 02:17
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Being meditated...

Thank you, Kip.
We are being meditated, 24x7....


MAI | Fri, 03/28/2014 - 16:54