"Spiritual Journey is Delicate "

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The journey through the path of spirituality is very delicate. All the contemplation gets dissolved even with a single wrong step and a single evil thought. Efforts and hardwork of the years is wasted in a moment itself. So we should be careful in keeping our conduct pious and have a constant vigil on the mind. Never allow it to wander in the worldly perversions. Conduct is the foundation of the spiritual mansion. The talks of the inner ascent are of no use till we are the slaves of worldly pleasures. The magnet attracts the clean iron and not the rusted one. Similarly Shabd-Dhun or voice of silence also attracts the pious mind which is totally free from the lustful desires. Mind is like that of a rusted iron till it is full of mud of lustful desires and thirsts
Refraining from the Company of Non-Vegetarians and drunkards
We should refrain from the company of people using meat and wine. Oftenly devotees complain of hindrance in their practice of Meditations,Bhajan and repetition due to having the company of such people. And mind does not favour in Meditation,Bhajan and repetition for many a days. Kabir Sahib says that :–
The persons who eat meat are apparently devils.
Keep not their company, it obstructs spiritual development