"sant kabir"

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"sant kabir"

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Very Good My dear Brother
Kabir - Vaani

Aisee diwaanee duniyaan bhakti bhaav nahin boojhai jee. ||1||

Koi Aave to betaa maange, yahi gunsaaee deejay jee.
Koi aave dukh kaa maaraa, ham par kirpaa keejai jee. ||2||

Koi aawe to daulat maange, bhent rupaiyaa leejai jee.
Koi karaawe vyaah sagaaee, sunat gunsaaee reejhai jee. ||3||

Saanche kaa koee gaahak naaheen, jhuthe jagat pateejai jee.
Kahai Kabir suno bhaai saadho, andhon ko kyaa keejai jee. ||4||

So lunatic (fanatic) are the worldly people that they don't quite understand the essence of devotion. ||1||
Some approach beseeching son, "O Lord! Please give us this very blessing and nothing else". Some are grief-stricken and beg for mercy so as to be released from their distresses. ||2||
Some make offerings of money and pray for riches in return. Some others come seeking blessings for accomplishing marriages & engagement ceremonies satisfactorily. ..Listening to all these, the Lord is amused. ||3||
Alas! There are no takers for truth and the whole world believes the Unreal or Illusion to be real. Listen, O Virtuous People! What can be done, remarks Kabir Sahab, to those who are blind (and are unable to see the truth)? ||4||

[Kabir Sahab conveys the message here, in the above poem, that those of us who are steeped in the mire of worldliness cannot realise the Truth. One has to raise oneself above the worldliness to be able to wake up to the Truth.]

faisal77nazir | Sat, 08/07/2010 - 10:27