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"Radha adh surat ka naam" "Swami adh shabad nijdham"
"Surat aur Shabad Radhasoami" "dono naam eak kar jani"
in these lines the author want's to describe the meaning of "Radhasoami"
To Radha author means by Surat or consiosness,
To shabad author means by anahad or voice of silence,
Auther wants to say that he who has joined his/her consiosness or surat with voice of silence or ahanad is really called "Radhasoami" it does not means by any perticular cast or surname,
BY: Swami shiv dayal ji maharaj of agra.

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Radha sowami

Radha Mean Soul Rahoo
Sawami mean Malik, Creator,
So Radha Sawami mean Rahoo(soul) owner(Malik)
Rahoo ka Malik

faisal77nazir | Sat, 08/07/2010 - 10:08