"Ocean of Joy" from Recent Satsang

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This is an excerpt from a recent satsang.
You can hear it by playing this Youtube video

"You can get to that place where
there's just the purity of consciousness.
It's completely clean.
There is no 'you' allowed in it.

It's extraordinary peace.

You relax into consciousness,
you relax into the energy,
you relax into love or bliss or peace,
however you are feeling it,
and that peace starts to burn
your sense of 'me' away;
starts to dissolve it.

From the perspective of the ego
this is no fun!

Society has made the ego
the all-important one
and any idea of what is underneath it
is (believed to be) only a myth, only a belief.

And so it can be difficult for many people
to be willing to surrender this 'me' in this moment,
which is to say to surrender your self importance;
to surrender all thoughts and beliefs and emotions
and experiences that you consider important
to you.

You can have them all back later.
They're not going anywhere.

But that attachment, that obsession of this me
of making my experience important,
my thoughts. important, my beliefs important,
my position;
'I am right, I deserve to be acknowledged in this.'

When you let that go,
even though the ego doesn't want to let it go,
even though the ego feels like that's death.

'Why would you want to be nothing?'
That's what the ego says.

The ego says that until there is just
that one little point
where there is just enough surrender,
surrendering that me
and then you realize that
which is underneath that ego,
the extraordinary peace.

The ego is afraid of being nothing.
It wants to be a someone.
But the moment you truly
experience being nothing,
your whole world is just blown apart.

'Oh my God there is ecstasy in this moment!
I am that ecstasy, I am peace itself!
I want to wallow in this and bathe in this
and sing about this!
I want to breathe this!
I want every action to be
a movement in this nothingness!

That real nothingness.

See, the ego gets tricky,
the mind gets tricky:
it experiences a nothing
which is just a controlled nothing,
ego is still there and says
"ooh this is awful, this does not feel good.
All those people who have been talking
about nothingness have been lying!"

But then through enough purification;
purification of the body, purification of the thoughts
purification of the emotions,
you realize the joy of nothingness

that is not for the 'me.'
Because it's underneath the 'me.'
It's for the joy of your true Self.

And its not that being a person is bad
or wrong or even separate from this nothing.
Because the self, this person is made of nothing!
It is created out of this nothing.

You realize that
then there is no problem with the person.

There is nothing here.
Everything that is here
is of that nothing.

It's so fulfilling
so freeing.

And it all comes down
mainly to attention;
where you place your attention.

If your attention is on
attention itself,
then it's moving
in that nothing
Attention is not leaving attention
to become something.

if attention is on a Guru or Saint or God
that you are devoted to,
that also becomes you.

That is not separate
from that nothing.
That is everything.

It all merges into one.

With that attention
there can be love.
You don't even need (an object like) a saint or guru or god (to love).
You can just love nothing.

It all dissolves into
that same ocean of joy
that is everything,
that is nothing.

Much love,


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