"I AM " is only an expression and expression is always unreal

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Many spiritual masters say that sticking to "I am" is way out from the physical shackles. But F.S says that "I am" itself is creates the prison. The one that expresses itself as 'I' is not 'I'. It is invisible. It cannot be called anything nor approached. It has to be grasped.' I or 'I' am is only an expression.

The whole experience of duality is based on expression. Thus duality is mere illusion. The man and his experience of the world and his belief of god are with in the illusory expression. Thus experience of duality is mere illusion. That is mind is an illusion. the one that has this illusion is invisible self which is spirit or Ataman.

Therefore it is erroneous to seek truth on the base of 'I'. because 'I' is not self. it very much necessary to rectify the seeking base by proper understanding what is true self before indulging in the pursuit of truth.

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Based on your concepts

Based on your concepts above, the very concept that one is a implies duality. To consider spirituality and another suggests duality.

What few realize is the very concept of naming manifests duality. The Bible's metaphor of Adam naming everything was done to set a foundation for duality to cause him to began judging good and evil. In that light, the only way to eliminate duality is to cease expressing, cease observing, cease realizing, and the like. Even the concept of recognizing self implies a non-self and duality, so how does one recognize "true self" from "false self"?

It is my comprehension that the acceptance of the duality, rather than judging good and evil to eliminate the search for cause of effect, and giving each aspect a purpose eliminate the ignorance as the cause of suffering. Things are, because our physical senses are able to encounter them, and to accept that actuality leads us to find purpose and eliminate our sufferings.

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If I have caused you to question your beliefs I have accomplished my mission. Now, reason the differences in our concepts and reason that until you have reasoned all pros and cons concerning your new revelation.

Elijah_NatureBoy | Tue, 07/08/2008 - 00:30