"Guru" does not take anything from disciple, But! also don't leave anything with the disciple.

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Yes this is right,
"True Guru" does not take anything from disciple, But! also don't leave anything with the disciple.
"GURU" always recommend seeker to service with TAN, MAN, & DHAN, means Service with BODY, MIND, & MONEY.
Our "SOUL" has deep relation & "LOVE" with BODY, MIND, & MONEY from a long time,
Guru want to break the ralations of disciple with BODY, MIND, & MONEY.
This does not mean that guru needs money or service, He is not intrested in any kind of social service, he is also not intrested in any kind of namefame through services, The thing is, he is just intrested in pure spirituality, by services guru always try to train the disciple for his or her inner spiritual path by breaking all the wordly relations of BODY,MIND, & MONEY.

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Thy Will Be Done

By surrendering each connection to delusion, to that which will die and fade away, to that which is not permanent, eternal, infinite, we: see; then experience; then allow, what is real. Us as Body, Us as Mind, and Us as Money is not real. The body is only dust animated by the divine will. The Mind is only delusion, held together by patterns of behavior and what "other" people called "society" have told us, and Money is only a representative, and the lowest form of the Divine sustenance.

When we are clear enough about what is real, there is no question then who is living, what is in control and what is divine. Then, only the divine operates and the manifestations reveal only the divine will and life.

Like a car that refuses to run, but stutters and jerks - we can be "tuned" to reality if we allow divinity to operate through us, unimpeded. We are allowed a "body" that will never die, become old or hurt. We are allowed a Mind that knows everything and can guide us without error. We are allowed sustenance that comes from everything and everyone.

It is my only prayer for myself: to become a master at getting out of God's way, here in this lifetime. I must become more and more aware, more objective, I much watch more carefully at each instant...who's will is in control? Mine or the Divine's? Am I imposing my own limited ideas on life? (With the outcome always disaster for me and the people I effect.)

But I get weary, I get pouty, "What is the point of living if I can't decide! I want to decide! I want to strike! I want to caress. I want to be the giver and I want to be the receiver." But it is always sour, the result is always ugly, unsatisfying, sometimes in some way disgusting. Then I become remorseful because I can see it was stupid - and return to surrender and my limitations and taking up of the eternal.

"Thy will be done." Every instant, each and every moment of this lifetime.

Gilana | Mon, 08/23/2010 - 15:19
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If you read that...

This all comes out of my limited understanding.

All of my assumptions about what is real are wrong in their limitation.

How can anybody say what is high or what is low? It changes in the time it takes to say it.

Only truth can really decide, so I know that only in surrender can I be real, get closer to what is real. My decisions about it are necessarily false, but seem to help me to be more determined.

Gilana | Mon, 08/23/2010 - 15:38
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Belive "I"

Belive "I" there is lot of difference,
"Saying" & "Doing"
R U Married ?
Anyways thank u lot fr the reply,"Sister"

jasdir singh jaura | Tue, 08/24/2010 - 07:20