"God" & "Time"

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"God" has made "Time"
"Time" has not made "God"
"Everything" is IN "Time"
"Everything FLOWS in "Time"
"Everything FORGETS in "Time"
"Everything LOSTS in "Time"
"God" is AWAY from "Time & Everything"
"God" does not FLOWS in "Time & Everything"
"God" does not FORGETS in "Time & Everything"
"God" does not LOSTS in "Time & Everything"
"This" is WRITTEN in "Time"
"So" don't WASTE your "TIme"
"Time" to fall in LOVE with GOD in "Time"
"Love" is "God" & "GOD" is "LOVE" from a long "Time".

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time's god

the post sounds brilliant, approaching genius, even divine.
however: at least one line blows it out the inferior-orifice:

"Everything" is IN "Time."

Everything is NOT in "time" but NOW, Time=0.
Actually: there is nothing in NOW because
Everything just APPEARS in NOW: Time=0.

Other than NOW, Time=0, everything is appearances, fiction, thoughts.
as far as god creating "time":
the deception called god makes time appear real
and the deception called time makes god appear real:
one deception creates the other out of nothing but fiction/thoughts.

-- really Really; REALLY.

genep | Fri, 08/06/2010 - 19:18
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On what do you base your assumptions?

Who said God is not within time? On what do you base the assumption that everything is in time?

These are untrue.

neo | Fri, 08/06/2010 - 19:22
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If god is within time,
than who is bigger god or time,
The first "NEED" of god to start this "GAME" of whole universe "IS TIME" not "WAS TIME",
We are the "PLAYERS" made by "Time" for the game of "GOD",
just think about any video game:
The players in the game can pass through different stages
in the game, the players can fight, the players can collect the points, the players can dance in the game, the players can competite fellow players, but cannot come out of the game may the player use all effrot or intelligence, Only the "MAKER" can drag the player out of the game, the player can do only one thing; Crying or Weaping or Begging in front of the "Maker", Thatsway in the History we can see that, True spritual masters has passed their age crying & weaping before Enlightenment, once the player dreged out of the game,the player becomes one with god, God's game becomes player's game, than becomes no difference between maker & player or we can say god & man.

jasdir singh jaura | Sat, 08/07/2010 - 06:19