"Enlightenment" is almost impossible without the help of "Love"

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Enlightenment is almost impossible without the help of "Love", and love needs sacrifices, without sacrifices, true Love is like a house without any base, now the question is that how can we love somebody which we have not seen, love with god starts with a true master or teacher, but we are just building the houses on the bases of acient spritual masters, lesson of love needs a preasent master, so at the end i can only say that all it depends on the true teacher or guru or master or saint or satguru.

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Love is your True Nature

Enlightenment is the uncovering of Self as Love. Once the subject and object (self, God, guru, saint, master, satguru) are removed from the equation, it becomes clear the reality is unconditional Love. Love is the goal. Love is the method.


Ahimsananda | Sun, 08/01/2010 - 13:38