Quartz Crystals – Part 3 - How to select your personal stone, care and maintenance

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The Council tells us how to select our own personal quartz crystal. They also tell us about the energy fields of the stone and the difference between clear stones and ones with imperfections. Lastly, they talk about double terminated quartz crystals.

Questioner: Is there a specific way to pick out a crystal that is going to work for you?

The Council: Yes. Simply touch it and see what your feelings are. That is the best way. If you feel, when you touch a stone, that it has something that it is offering you, then that affirms it, that makes it so. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

The Council: It can be or it is possible that, say you were to take a dozen different quartz crystals. You may touch all twelve of them and feel nothing, yet all twelve of them have a field or an energy field that they are emanating, and just because you cannot feel it does not mean it does not exist. The size is probably the biggest factor. It only stands to reason that the larger the stone and the clearer the stone, the more potent it will be. Now, when it comes to smaller stones, do not worry about the clarity of the stone, but worry more about what you feel from them. The clarity is influential only to the degree that it would focus its energy in a narrower range or in a more direct line. Those crystals that are cloudy or have feathers in them or what some refer to as impurities will have the same influence as a clear stone of equal weight or size. The difference is, those with the impurities or the flaws or the feathers in, their energy field is not directed. It emanates in a more general pattern. For an individual's purpose, general use, it makes no difference. If you were to attempt to use a quartz crystal for a specific purpose, whatever that may be, it may be more advisable then to get one that is clear. Has that answered the question?

Questioner: It answers that one and brings up another one.

The Council: Very well.

Questioner: Is it more important to have a double terminated crystal for the energy to flow both in and out?

The Council: No, no. The energy is there period. By the very nature of the crystal, it is there. The energy that is enhanced, how can we put it so it would be understandable, energy flows into and through the crystal. It does not have an entrance point and an exit point, although, as we said, a clear crystal will have a more narrow field of energy. One may look at it in this term, a clear crystal will have an oval field where one that is not as clear will have a circular field of energy. Do you see the difference?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: But there is no entrance or exit of any energy. It flows through the entire crystal. That concept does not agree with what some people feel, but that is their problem.

Next week, in part four, The Council talks to us about cleaning a quartz crystal. One crystal for all purposes? They make a statement about that also.

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What's spiritual in this?

What's spiritual in this?

Go beyond the dealing with form and imaginary friends to the realm beyond the mind. Until then, sincerely, you are wasting your time with these stones and councils...

lalo | Sat, 08/20/2011 - 17:03