The Pyramids and the Coral Castle - How They were Built.

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Recently I posted information from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, on pyramid construction. One of my friends posted a comment about the Coral Castle in Florida so I felt that it would be appropriate to present The Council's interesting reply to that question. In the last paragraph The Council refers to time, creation and the spiritual grid. It would take many pages to cover that information. It truly is complicated for us to grasp these concepts. Hopefully, we can discuss those in future postings.

Questioner: Several years ago there was a man in Florida that single-handedly built these structures out of huge blocks and rocks and so forth, and when asked how he did it, he said he had a process similar to the way the pyramids were built. Is there any truth to this?

The Council: You see any evidence of anything else?

Questioner: No.

The Council: The secret is not such a great secret, and it is not so well hidden. Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes. Does that mean that presently it would be possible to duplicate the pyramids or has the density of matter increased such that the methods that worked then perhaps would not work now?

The Council: Your relationship to the density of matter is in proportion to your spirituality, so that any one of you could be instrumental in rebuilding a pyramid, even today.

Questioner: Thank you. That is most interesting.

The Council: Such works are truly no feat of the soul. They are only feats of the physical body and the physical mind. You see, you must look for the true source of activities. What can your physical body do in relationship to a stone that may weigh ten tons? Can your physical body move that stone?

Questioner: No.

The Council: So then it must be something else. It must be something far more powerful than your physical body and absolutely more powerful than that stone. If that be the case, then what else is there but your own real source of activity.

Questioner: I don't find it hard to understand that the soul is capable of moving rocks that weigh tons and tons; it just seems that these abilities are something that by and large we have lost and forgotten and really don't have much of an idea of how to approach it.

The Council: You have lost those abilities because you do not choose to think in a godly manner, in a godly way. You choose to forget your true potential. You choose to ignore the fact that you are basically a god who is doing less than what he could do. You are forgetting that you are an image of the Divine Source. Even when you are given a personal example of what you can do in the form of Christ, you still refuse to accept your places. Isn't it far greater to rise above physical death than to move a mere stone? For in rising above the physical death, you must utilize your potential and overcome all of the natural laws of creation. You must control absolutely and with absolute preciseness the laws of physical nature to rise above the physical death. Does that answer your question?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Moving mere stones, regardless of their sizes, is truly nothing in comparison to what you are actually capable of doing and what you are actually doing presently. If you could understand one speck of what we have said about time and about the creation that you are involved in and what we have said this evening about utilizing this spiritual grid, if you could understand one word of what we have said, the powers needed to utilize and create the material manifestation from this spiritual grid would make moving a stone absolutely nothing, not even worth considering. The magnitude of the power necessary to create the material scenario that your soul is going through is far greater than any small, isolated element of that total picture. So you see, you are capable of activities that you cannot even comprehend in the material, and yet you worry about moving a small stone? Or doubting your ability to do such. What did Jesus say? He gave each and every man in this present age the key; if you wish to move a mountain, know that you can do it and it will be moved.

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