Purpose of Self -Inquiry

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Purpose of self inquiry is to discover and realize the true self.The deeper inquiry and reasoning reveals the fact that 'I' is not the self. But 'I' is mind. Mind is, whole experience of duality that is the world and its perceiver. Since the world and its perceiver both cease to exist without the mind, and they are within the mind.

The inquiry on the physical base will not yield results because 'I' and the person and the his experience of the world coexist together. Without the 'I' neither the person nor his experince of the world cease to exist. Thus seeker has to conclude 'I', is the whole experience of duality or mind.

Therefore 'I' is an experince, not a experiencer. Therefore a person and his experince of the world are mere experince within the mind, same way as the dream. The witness of the mind is formless and non dual which sees, the 'I' or experince of duality, without the physical apparatus, same way as dream experienced without the physical apparatus, which is witnessed without the physical apparatus.

Thus it is erroneous to see 'I' as self, or 'I' AM as self and thinking, which stays without the physical body is 'I',and 'I' as true self is incorrect. Since everything is viewed and judged as a person, without being aware of the fact, the person and world are within the mind which is 'I'.

Therefore that which witnesses the 'I' or mind is the true self. The witness is the invisible substence of the mind which is the non dual spirit. Therefore 'I' is mere expression of the non dual spirit.