Purpose of Religion

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Today majority of the people are enquiring that after all what is the purpose of religion? There are so called 'Guru's and other religious heads who misguide people and exploit them in the name of God. Then people start wondering about the purpose of religion!

We human beings are born to become free...free from all bonds....bonds of anything related to the Ego. This is possible only through adopting a way of life with certain rules which help to purify the mind and fills the heart with divine qualities like Unconditional Love and Compassion. One starts to feel that the other one also is his extended part appears as a different body. This is the way to realisation of self.We all have born to reach this goal. And the guide which helps us to achieve this is known as religion. The man who really understood the purpose of religion can never exploit the other people. He can only love. Because he ealises that he is love in human fom.

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Purpose of Religion

Pls explain y religion is for what is the use of it when no one follows it

Raghunandan | Mon, 08/17/2009 - 13:29