The Psychotropic Guru

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...Guru's who are part of the mind experience, who exist as sentient phenomena to lead and to exploit man into new experiences of mind, either wittingly, or most often, unwittingly. There can be an endless amount of enlightenments, as the mind is capable of producing whatever it seeks to experience.

The paradigms of psychotropic gurus with their mind-altering psychotropic abilities are numerous. These paradigms are overlain upon this experience of conscious phenomena known as our reality. As the saying goes, "energy follows thought". Imagine, or judge what you think enlightenment is, and away you go, either wittingly, or most often, unwittingly.

There is a paradigm for each of us, but, many of us need the encouragement of a group to fortify our perceptions and truths we seek concerning either the nature of reality or the pursuit of enlightenment.

I'm not interested in proving the uselessness of the psychotropic guru. They exist, so who am I to say they shouldn't? It is just in my understanding that such things exist..however foolish that understanding may be.