PSAS & Kundalini

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Kundalini is Self, Samadhi, manifesting it-Self to thoughts, Mind.

Kundalini manifests it-Self to thoughts in different dilutions, dynamics, waves and even explosions of unfathomable Bliss that most must take with terror. Very rarely Kundalini explodes in a universe-vanishing BigBang of duality-killing laughter....

Kundalini is the so-called “god-intoxication” of Masts, lunatics and street-people... or it can be uncontrollable hysterical laughter at nothing...
and for those experts of spirituality, non-duality,
who think that only celibate saints and gurus can get stoned on Self, Kundalini,
just for these experts Kundalini also manifests it-Self especially well as “Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS).”
-- O'no