Prodigal Child Come Home...

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Are you tired of worrying about the bills? Are you tired of searching for your passion in life? Are you tired of health issues, relationship issues, job issues, political issues and just plain old tired?

It is no exaggeration to say that the demands of the world can be very consuming and captivating. This is the spell of the cosmic measurer – Maya. But ask yourself what exactly is it you are seeking? Most of our daily efforts in life are centered on trying to cater to the demands of the flesh or the body.

We must clothe others and ourselves, maintain shelter, commute, work, shop, seek entertainment and so forth. We must eat, drink, sleep and breathe. Although most of us do have a certain karmic obligation to the world, the truth is our foremost priority should be self-discovery.

Through this process of self-discovery, we come to understand that all being, consciousness and life are only at the leisure of Spirit. Yet we tend to ignore or neglect our primary ally in navigating through our days – God! In fact, it is only through our quiet inner reflections, contemplations, meditations and yoga that we gradually begin to awaken from the dream of our worldly obligations. No matter how noble or rewarding your work or cause may be, it should never usurp your Awareness and Attention to Self or Spirit.

It is only through contacting the Stillness within that we gain clarity on what tasks are most important and how to be most efficient. As a bonus, we gain greater joy and happiness in doing even the most menial tasks throughout the day. God has placed us in a world of delusion to experience all sorts of relativity and yet for those that have truly tired of the wanderings to no avail you can come Home whenever you are ready!

And where exactly is God’s home? Is it in the clouds, the sky or somewhere out in the universe? No! It is closer than anything or anyplace you can imagine… Search within and come home to all that is beautiful, serene, tranquil, fulfilling and all satisfying! Prodigal child come home…

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Spiritual desires as well

It is important to put in the list of the efforts also the search for liberation, quietness, God, enlightenment. These spiritual desires are with the same characteristics and in the same level of bills, job, health and so on, originating from the same personality-centered entity, just a bit more sophisticated.

Only when one abandons completely all these person-centered desires, truly accepts whatever happens, displaces to an aloofness standpoint alongside, only then the shift in consciousness and identification occurs and the comfort comes.

The comfort comes not because some past desire is fulfilled (that may happen but is irrelevant now) but because he is in a state in which he doesn't need anything, he is not addicted nor dependent on the fulfillment of his desires and wants.

This is so easy.

leo | Fri, 09/16/2011 - 04:55