The Process of Meditation

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"At first,
meditation is a doing.

You practice a meditation technique,
until meditation is awakened in you.

But once meditation
is awakened in you,
meditation happens.

You may notice it
in the form
of peace, bliss or love.

You may notice it
as energy
as something moving through you.

And once you notice it,
then your job is no longer
a doing, but an allowing.

To allow meditation to
happen through you.

It does require your attention.

It requires your willingness
to surrender any resistance.
It requires for you to surrender
thinking into feeling.

But meditation happens.

It takes over
and transforms everything
into bliss.

Not as an authority,
but as love.

You welcome it.

That is the practice.
To welcome meditation
to love meditation,
and to immerse yourself into it
until only meditation is left.



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