The Process of Death and Dying

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One of my friends recently lost his father so I thought that I would post a small portion of our information on death and the soul’s progression to the world beyond. This topic was researched for more than two years with over 500 pages of dialogue between the researchers and Mr. LePar’s source, The Council. Over time I hope to present a complete picture of birth, death, reincarnation and the structure of the heavenly realms.

Most people believe that birth is the beginning of life and death the end of it. But many of us understand that true life is a non-physical existence. From the moment that we are born we start our journey towards death and the return to our real existence. So, what is involved in the death process? What is actually occurring at the moment of death?

The Council says:
“Death is instantaneous and what death actually is is simply a refocusing of your consciousness. That is all. Once the consciousness has been refocused then it does not need the material manifestation, and there is no real sense of change other than being able to view what is going on in the surrounding area.”

At the moment of death, there is absolutely no pain in the separation of the soul from the physical body. It is a refocusing from the physical to the spiritual. At the moment of death the physical body is totally useless to us. Instead of seeing the world as a participant as we did when we were physically alive, we now begin to view life as if viewing a play or a television show.

Let’s compare the moment of death to tax time. For those of us who make out our own taxes, we know that when we are working on those forms we are intently concentrating because we don’t want to make a mistake. We are concentrating very hard when suddenly someone interrupts our concentration. We realize that we are back in the real world; we are no longer lost in figures on the paper. That is similar to the way that the soul works with the material manifestation. At the moment of death, we are still very concentrated on physical life; our attention is focused on the material world.

With this intense concentration of our physical life, do we ever know when we are going to die? The Council gives this insight.

“You see, the entire death process is again the refocusing of your attention, and you are well aware of your changing; whether you are willing to accept it or not is another thing, but you are aware that the time for the change of your focus is near. In other words, you are aware that death is coming. So regardless of what is done to the body, and in some cases the physical container is given drugs that may cause the outer awareness a certain amount of, shall we say, hallucination, but the inner awareness, never. You see, the mind or the consciousness does not go to sleep, does not diminish; and these medications, these machines, do not change the awareness or cause any illusion in the death process.”

The Council is saying that at one level of our awareness or another, we do have a degree of understanding of the impending death regardless of what medical procedures or drugs are administered. Our mind or consciousness is always active.