Premonitions - How they occur

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In this quote from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, they give us an analogy that demonstrates how a premonition comes to us. At the end of this discussion they give us some of the keys to the physical activity of time that allows these psychic events to occur.

The Council: We see the possibility, a strong possibility, that there would be a need of an explanation on possibly how the psychic experience occurs, especially those pertaining to the precognitive nature, and we may give this in an analogy, so that it may be better understood.

Suppose an individual were to walk to the top of a high hill and take a look at the surroundings around, and one were to see a small bay at the bottom of this hill and from this bay extended a, shall we say, a small river inland, and there is a small boat that is in the bay and decides to go upstream up the small river. Now the river makes a large curve around the foot of this high hill; and an individual standing on the top looks down. He sees the small boat enter the stream or the small river, and as it progresses onward ahead, it slowly but surely begins to move around the bend in the river. Now this bend may be of a radius, say, a mile or so and in length may be at least a third of a circle. Now the individual on top of the hill can see the full travel or full path of the small boat, entering the mouth of the river at the bay, and as the boat progresses onward and onward it can see its eventual end or the point in which the boat is moving towards. There is a small village here at the far end of the river, quite some distance from the mouth or from the bay.

The people on the dock of this small village cannot see the boat coming, but the gentleman or the individual on top can see the full travel of the boat from its position on the bay to its entrance at the mouth of the river and on through its entire journey. One may look upon a psychic experience as something in the same manner that that one which is having a precognitive psychic experience, shall we say, projects himself or herself above space and time and is able to view a scene long before others are capable of seeing it. Just as the man on top of the hill can see the travel of the boat long before the individuals at the small village who are standing on the dock waiting for its arrival. Now if this individual at the moment that the small boat enters into the mouth of the river, if this individual were to telephone down to the village and say that possibly in a half hour or in an hour the boat will arrive, this could be likened in some way to a precognitive psychic experience.

Now mind you this is an analogy, but it is fairly close. The difference is that the experience is an extension or an expansion of the consciousness, in which the consciousness can bypass time as is understood. It strikes a chord across the arc and reaches the point before the consciousness does, before the world does, before time does, before the material existence does. So in effect the consciousness is able to expand beyond the realm of time as you know it. Taking into consideration in some other information that we have given, time is related to convexed surfaces or, shall we say, arcs, and convexed curves. Possibly with this explanation one would begin to have a somewhat greater understanding or at least a far better understanding as taking into consideration the capabilities of the conscious mind and the perception of the physical consciousness.

In our next presentation The Council talks about the activity of the brain that triggers psychic activity.

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