Prayers of Activity

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In this selection from one of our files on prayer, William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, gives us the key to a powerful prayer and also insight into what they call “prayers of activity.”

Questioner: Also, what if our prayer is just a fleeting thought of good intention instead of maybe a formal prayer or a half-hour of informal prayer, is it still effective or not as good as if we take more time?

The Council: It is still effective and still the same quality as hours of prayer. It is the intention, not the length of time nor the place, it is the intention. A prayer or let us say a form of prayer that is too often overlooked is a prayer of activity. If there is someone who needs prayer whether it is for a physical healing or what have you, you can offer a prayer of activity for that individual. You can go out and do some good for another soul or another individual and simply say that that good activity that you are doing, the purpose or the intention of doing that is to benefit that individual who may need a healing. So you are offering up your activities for the benefit of someone else. So that you can tend to an invalid who cannot feed themselves, you can do a good deed by volunteering your services to help feed that individual and then do that with the intention of that goodness being offered up for another individual who is ailing, so you are killing two birds with one stone. Both of them, we may say, very good ammunition, very good activity. So you are actually getting two for the price of one.

Questioner: So it wouldn't be bad to do something like that all the time knowing that you are trying to get two goods out of one?

The Council: Well, every once in a while there are bargain days.

Questioner: I can help someone at the hospital every day with other intentions. Would that be wrong?

The Council: If you are volunteering your effort, no. If it is part of your duty, then that becomes an "iffy" situation. Then it would be determined on the quality of actual physical labor involved and also possibly the quantity. Now, one can offer up their entire day of activity as a form of prayer, providing your intentions for that day is to accomplish some good, but if you are just offering your everyday day up for a form of prayer, it hardly would be suitable. You must have a specific goal of achievement in the area of good for that day. Now, you notice we said goal of achievement, we did not say that you had to achieve, but you have to have the intentions of achieving. That is why at this time it is the heart's desire. If the desire is strong enough, you will overcome or accomplish whatever your goal is. Given enough time you will accomplish it, if the desire is there. That is why at this time under this New Dispensation, under this new segment of this spiritual cycle, it is the intention of the heart. You may try for days , weeks, months, or years to accomplish something and never succeed, but a true heart's desire with continuation, the effort constantly put forth, you will eventually achieve that goal. Given enough time you will achieve it. But suppose an individual comes to a realization of such a goal too late in life and they do not have the time, should they be denied their rights of accomplishment simply because the realization came too late when they were able, even at a late date, to instigate a sincere desire? No, they are not deprived of the accomplishments; it is automatically accredited to them. This is very clearly stated in Scripture dealing with the laborers of the vineyard who were hired in the first part of the day and the last part of the day. They were all paid equally. Certainly, good sense would tell you that one hired in the first part of the day would put forth much more production and effort than the one hired in the last part of the day, yet they all received equal pay. What is Scripture telling you? It is the desire not the final product. Your world limits you beyond your ability to control at times, so because of consequences or circumstances beyond your control should you be denied an accomplishment? No. When you are speaking of spiritual achievements and gains, you are never denied their accomplishments, if you have sincerely tried. Now, as to the time of lengthy prayer. There are cases where many, many hours must be spent in prayer to achieve even the slightest effect. Why is this? Is it because the individual being prayed for refuses to accept the prayer or only accepts part of it? No, in most cases of vigilant prayer it is because the individuals who are praying need the discipline. Now, we said in most cases. There are some cases that need great amounts of prayer. There are some situations for a healing to come about need tremendous amounts of prayer because there are many, how shall we put it, many barriers placed in line of those prayers that prevent the power from moving as fast or in its full potential as it was originally directed. Very well.

Next week: The Council talks about situations that need more effort in the form of prayer than what is normally required such as major disasters of any kind.

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This is worse than a cult,

This is worse than a cult, it is not even spiritual. Just a mambo jambo, The council, Give me a break.

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