Prayerfu Worship - 2

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Every Mantra is a prayer. It is a link between Master and the Medium, between a Guru and a sishya, between a spiritual teacher and the student. Mantra forms basis for Meditation. The purpose of any Mantra is to establish faith in the disciple towards his goal. In the olden days women were not considered fit for any Meditation and Initiation. Men dominated women in all fields. Now a definite change took over. Women are considered equally fit for Yogic meditation. Reservation for men folk has gone. The essentiality of a Guru is side tracked. You can feel any great Soul of your choice as your Guru. That is enough. But your real Guru resides in you. He will come out in time to help you and show your progress. Finally, it is your heart that becomes your real Guru. If you are determined your Guru will present before you, rather he will draw you towards him. It is popularly believed that destiny will show a suitable Guru according to the needs of the student.

Paramatma, Guru and Mantra, all mean the same. To a disciple Guru is the Lord, he is Paramatma. Only by the grace of a Guru, the disciple attains siddhi that is perfection. Never look at the Guru, in his physical form. There is another form inside, that is Divine and Eternal and equal to Paramatma. If we discord a Guru or even show dis-regard we cannot progress. Keep always the guru in the Heart. Then your heart will give all messages, what your Guru alone can render.

Generally we take initiation from a Guru and start practicing. As we attain maturity great Masters enter in the hearts of the Guru and speak out. It so happens. The Guru without his knowledge teaches wonderful truths. That happens only when the great world Masters enter in. So, our little Master, Our Guru represents a number of Great Masters. He even represents Paramatma.

All great Masters represent Paramatma. They are all born for a great cause. Great Gurus become Masters finally. The Masters need not have physical bodies. They remain in the higher regions retaining, their spiritual wisdom. We can see them in their astral form. The astral bodies do possess all the qualities of their physical bodies but they do not talk with us. That is the only drawback.

The name of the Guru works like a Mantra. Even remembrance of a Master gives that much of energy, which is more than sufficient to our sadhana and well-being. We need not spell out his name often. Just feeling the presence of the Master works out wonders. In no time we are filled with super power, energy packed. It causes stability in us, and leads to perfection. Any simple posture is enough for Dhyana to make the mind still. That is necessary. A clean mind can easily transgress all thought process launches in nothingness. Forgetting the body is itself awakening in the self. Once the mind is transcended we can trespass the regions of the Self and ultimately find that is our own Self. That is exactly Self-Realization.
-Master CVV Namaskaram-