Prayer VS Meditation - 3

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Let us study the nature of Prayer. So long as we recite a Mantra, our mind cannot become vacant. So long as we keep desires in mind, it cannot be vacated. Then it cannot become a Prayer. FOR MEDITATION, WE SHOULD NOT DEPEND ON MIND AT ALL. WE SHOULD NOT CONCENTRATE ON ANY OBJECT. WE SHOULD BECOME TOTAL AND ABSTRACT. If we contemplate on the Self, it will become ‘TAPAS’ a Penance. If we can link all the three together, it will become YOGA. If we forget all the three and enter into nothingness, with no desire, no request, no contemplation, it will be PRAYER. In Prayer, we progress very slowly. There will not be any request in meditation not even an aspiration, no goal even. THAT WILL BE THE METHOD TO EXPLORE DIVINITY.

YOGA IS NOT SO EASY AS IT SEEM TO BE. Our preparedness for Higher Journey becomes the first step in Yoga. THE LEAP INTO NOTHINGNESS BECOMES MEDITATION. The ‘LEP’ activity becomes a real Prayer. WE MUST BE ABLE TO IGNORE THE MIND, TO VACATE THE MIND WE HAVE TO BYPASS THE THOUGHTS. All our desires to be cut short. Then only we can find entry into the Self. That would be the last step in Prayer. That happens when we sacrifice the body, mind and Soul. That is dedication to Brahmam. Then the individual Self will come to tune with the cosmic soul. IT IS NOT EASY TO CROSS THE STAGES AND REACH THE NIL, NONE, NOUGHT LEVELS.