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Master Sarvari Namaskaram- Master CVV Namaskaram - Master MTA Namaskaram - Mother CV Namaskaram -

Prayer is a beautiful phenomena. It is in Man’s nature. Man begins his life journey with a silent prayer and ends his journey in silent prayer. Both the prayers are unheard. PRAYER ITSELF IS UNHEARD. IT IS ALWAYS SILENT IN THE HEART.

Take any race, any religion, any sect. Every person prays for something. PRAYER IS SOMETHING IN NOTHINGNESS. PRAYER IS THE GATEWAY TO HEART’S SILENCE. Worship is the outer form of Prayer. Worship desires something to be fulfilled. Once it is fully filled, then it becomes a prayer. In India prayer is paying tributes to god, expressing our gratitude to god for what all he did for us. That concept is beautiful. We love our parents for giving birth to us. We love god for allowing us to live in this world.

Some people transform prayer into love.
Some others reform love into prayer.
Some instead of praying to god fill their hearts with love and god.
Some instead of loving others reserve their love for god.
There is a small section in the society who mix love with prayer. WHEN WE MIX LOVE WITH PRAYER IT WILL BECOME MEDITATION. Meditation can easily be tagged with Yoga. In course of time, Yoga and Meditation became synonyms. YOGA HAS BECOME THE PATH FOR SELF-REALIZATION. MEDITATION HAS BECOME A VEHICLE FOR HIGHER INTELLIGENCE. The difference between the two is very little and very subtle. The real difference lies in our approach, not in concept.

PRAYER is multi dimensional.
MEDITATION is for multi purpose.
Prayer is three fold -Vocal, Meditative and Contemplative.
Some devotees daily visit a temple of their choice and show their gratitude towards God.
A few people, a little bit educated, praise a God or Goddess with thousand names.
Very few people spend their precious time in Meditation. They call it ANUSTANA. That Anustana should NOT BE ritualistic. It should be done in prayerful mood, with heart felt reverence.
Many people keep a picture of a God and do Puja. Most of the rituals help man to keep in a righteous way, to lead a moral life. Nothing wrong in it. It helps social relations. HOW MUCH THEY TURN SPIRITUAL? Nobody knows.

YOGA & MEDITATION do not require any rituals. THEY ARE TOTALLY SPIRITUAL, NON-RITUALS. ONLY SUCH MEDITATION DRIVES TOWARDS SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT. Rectification of any Mantra makes mind Strand. It does not allow the mind to become steady and still. It does not allow us to enter into silence. THE PURPOSE OF YOGA & MEDITATION IS TO STILL THE MIND, TO MAKE THE MIND ABSENT TO OVERCOME THOUGHTS AND BYPASS THE MIND’S ZONE. So long as we are tied up with Mantra or thought, we cannot succeed in Yoga. THE REAL PRAYER IS TO BECOME SILENT. Our being should drop in silence. EVEN A THOUGHT OF GOD HAS NO PLACE IN PRAYER.

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