Prayer - A Final Comment

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In this, the last of the ten part series on prayer, William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council sums up the series.

The Council: We hope this day we have provided you with some information that will give you a broader view of your own personal abilities and the activity of prayer. We hope with this insight that you will think on it and use it to release more power than you have ever dreamed possible. Each of you are capable of miraculous healings, whether they are physical healings, spiritual healings, emotional healings, prayer for growth in any manner, regardless of what you pray for, you are capable of having those prayers answered miraculously. We hope by what we have shared with you this evening, this day, you will begin to think about this and begin to realize that when you look into your mirrors, what you see there is not the real you but only a small segment of the real true you, that deep within your eyes as you look into that mirror you can sense that you are far greater than that small existing fragment of creation that you see reflected back. Look at yourselves, all of you, as great healers, great creators, and look at yourselves as the sons and daughters of the Almighty God, that as His children you are heir to all of what He is and all that He has. We thank you all, and we pray that your days be filled with peace and an inner joy that you have never experienced before. May the rest of your life be filled with a silence of happiness and a silent joy that causes you always to look upward. We thank you.

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