Prayer for disasters

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In this part on prayer, William LePar’s source, The Council, are talking about situations that need more effort in the form of prayer than what is normally required such as prayer for Mother Earth or for those who have suffered from major disasters of any kind.

Questioner: If you get stagnant in your prayer and say the same thing over and over, does that have any effect on the outcome of it if your intentions are still good?

The Council: If the intentions and the emotions can be kept fresh, then one will not become stagnant. If one finds themselves simply mimicking words, then it is time to change the words, time to begin to look at yourself to see whether your intentions are still there and not just developing a habit, although prayer is a good habit, it can become weakened in its strength if it is not kept fresh and new.

Questioner: You mentioned that some situations need a great deal of prayer because of barriers placed in the way of that prayer. Are these barriers from the individual that is the object of the prayer or are they objects from other sources?

The Council: When an extremely large amount of prayer is needed, now we are talking about over an extended period of time, when a condition like that exists it is generally because outside forces are attempting to undermine the prayer, that power that is being exerted. So what is necessary then is a constant revitalization of that power. In some cases, it can be to such a severe extent that to keep the status quo, just to keep the status quo or the situation as it is from deteriorating to a worse condition, much or great amounts of prayer are needed. But there are outside forces that can undermine prayer. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Does it also answer a situation?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Very well.

Questioner: Is there any kind of prayer that can be said that can break down these barriers that are formed?

The Council: Sometimes conditions exist where only a situation can be slowed in its deterioration. Do you understand what we said? "Can only be slowed in its deterioration."

Questioner: I don't understand. What can be slowed?

The Council: In the example we used before where a level, the status quo, is maintained, the situation is only maintained. There are situations where the condition can only be slowed down from becoming worse even though greater amounts of prayer are being put out. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: In situations like that you usually find an unusual condition, and when such conditions do exist there are many facets that are involved that most generally go beyond the conscious awareness of those involved or the situation as it can be observed, but one should always maintain heart and continue in prayer.

Next week: In this eighth of the ten part series on prayer, William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, gives further information on what they term as “prayer of activity.” In these examples the activity is a little different than what might normally be thought of as activity.

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