Practice and Theory

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Theory - Practice

no subject has a life:
the theory/wisdom that beats a subject to death
gives it the appearance of life.

the practical is going beyond by letting it go

there is no separation between the One and many:
the theory/wisdom that beats this separation to death
is the appearance of separation.

the practical is going beyond by letting go
-- O'no

A Chevy in Chicago

In theology/philosophy ... the question is who/what created this? and then the seeker becomes obsessed with finding the specific designer/ maker of the universe .....

When this same question is applied to what appears real the answer comes out screaming.

This same question applied to a car, a Chevrolet.
Theology would want to know which specific individual built/designed this Chevy. The answer would be obvious: no specific individual ... but in theology that answer would not do ...
Then theology could ask: which specific person built Chicago: and the answer is the same: it was a totality of individuals... but in theology that would not do... it would want to know the specific thing/individual.
an ant colony: theology would insist that one ant/individual must be responsible for its design/construction.

The message: just like a Chevrolet or Chicago or an ant colony the universe is not the product of any individual/god/thing because it is all One, Self/Now ... in which individuals comically take credit for doing things when obviously there are NO individuals. .. all is one SELF, Now.

-- really Really REALLY