A practical ancient mystic formula

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We most of the times have obtained this wonderful formula by an indirect way. It is gotten when we have in our minds the fixed idea of living a fully balanced life. Our efforts are rewarded because we have understood that if we try to live according to Nature’s laws from below and to live from God’s laws from above. These actions allow us to balance our lives in a very harmonious manner. Not only our health will be improved, but our way of thinking will be much clearer. This Endeavour will enable us to have better relations with our love ones, strangers and ourselves.

I’m going to try to describe these actions; regarding living according to Mother Nature means that we admire, respect and love it totally, not partially. Our senses are always open to whatever impression we receive from her. Referring to above, well now, here lays the big secret regarding living according to God’s laws. It implies much more that meets the eye. Why? Because is like if we’ve always thought that our spiritual world is the tip of an iceberg and never realizing that bellow is the most part of it. That’s the way we humans like to think. What we have had is just a very tiny glimpse of this never ending amazing world. Apparently from our narrow material point of view, our spiritual world is as big and as temporal as our physical reality, but it isn’t. It is indescribable beautiful!

If we dare to imagine that our solar plexus is the connecting point of these two worlds. Let’s imagine a upward triangle all the Earths energies flow upwards concentrating on our solar plexus, now let’s imagine another triangle in a downward position where all the cosmic energies flow downwards descending in our solar plexus. If we think in harmonizing these two very important sources of energy right there in our solar plexus trying to “feel” them very much vibrant and alive every day for a whole week we will start to feel living a harmonious dual life. All our obligations and responsibilities will be met, and more importantly our burning desires of fulfilling our embodied ideals will be also carried out more easily.

A well balanced life attracts a harmonious way of life and this feature enables the attraction of a very much needed spiritual life. Let’s never forget that it is by using our Self not by mediating on the Self that allow us to discover our always effective secret formula for success. If we aren’t happy about our profession because it isn’t our true vocation, then let’s do our best to love it with great passion and respect. In the meantime we get ready to embrace our true vocation. Please keep in mind that something must be done by us. It isn’t a good idea just to sit and do nothing about it. Our dynamic action is required. All efforts are important, big and small but the key word for success has always been ACTION!

Summarizing: It has always been that possessing the perfect blending of our prayers, feelings, and meditations, analytical thinking, intuition, loving hearts and awakened minds actions the necessary ingredients to succeed in our productive lives. Self-help books won’t do any good, neither magazine articles nor famous quotes. The true formula will be assured by following our inspirational magic moments. The answer my friends can be found in our inner self. Please imagine that is it is like turning on a switch, but instead of illuminating our out world it will illuminate both worlds; inner and outer.

As always with tons of dynamic divine love, life and light in perfect balance from my brave loving heart to your very dynamic loving hearts.


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