The Power of Turquoise

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A questioner asked William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, about the power of turquoise.

The Council: There is an old saying about turquoise, that if it is given to a friend by a friend it acts as to, shall we say, ward off evil influences. Possibly a more accurate explanation would be that certain minerals do have certain properties which do affect physical. Now turquoise, when given to a friend by a friend, will shatter if that which received the turquoise is the object of a negative bombardment or a negative thought, especially those which are of the intensity to bring harm not only to the physical but to the spiritual of that individual.

There are certain stones that have certain qualities or certain abilities because of the electromagnetic field that they create in their construction. Turquoise, if it is in truth given to someone, given to a friend by a friend, can act as a focal point for negativity, but the turquoise is not the only stone. These secrets, as some may refer to them, are not really secrets but are handed down from generation to generation and often are looked upon as legend and old-wives' tales; but this is one particular case when this is so. The thing that makes this an active part of the turquoise stone is that in the attitude in which it is given. If you truly are a friend of someone's, if you truly love them, if you truly are concerned about them, and you give that particular stone to them in friendship and with the hopes that it will protect the individual, to be sure then that turquoise stone will be a protective stone. Now, once the turquoise is cracked, then it has accepted the negative charge and is no longer valuable. To re-establish the protective shield a new turquoise would have to be replaced.

Questioner: What if you just buy it yourself?

The Council: No, it is the attitude, (***). It is the attitude.

Questioner: Then if I bought it with that attitude in mind for myself?

The Council: No. That would be self-love then. You see? If you were to do that, buy a turquoise for your husband and give it to him, explaining the story and hope that he would do the same.
But it is not something that you need to protect yourself. It is a beautiful gesture to show one's concern and love for another one, but prayer can be even more effective than any stone. The other stone that offers such protection is the ruby.

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