The Power of Prayer

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The Power of Prayer
"If a man prays for his own welfare, he is ordinary;
If he prays for the welfare of another , he is extrordinary;
If he prays for the welfare of all beings, he is divine."
-His Holiness Shri Shri Nimishananda

Communion with our Creator,
That infinite cosmic consciousness,
Is more effective by far
Than unburdening ourselves to a hundred friends.
It fills us with bliss and happiness.

Let's connect to the source of joy that cannot be expressed,
And become a channel for the light of love to flow,
To soothe and heal the wilting hearts of the depressed,
And make their lives bloom with a fresh, new glow.

Prayer removes all helplessness and makes us so strong,
It gives us the will to do all that needs to be done,
It helps us discriminate right from wrong,
So every moment, every second, let's commune with the One.

If we want constant success and calmness of mind,
To bring peace to the world and make it whole
By removing barriers of every kind,
Let's pray more, so we don't deviate from our goal.

If we want to wipe a tear and remove a pain,
We should focus less on our own personal gain,
And tune into the fount of endless compassion,
And be to the world a source joy and inspiration.