The power of the mind

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Dear ones,

this post comes from reading some people's blogs and comments and post and it comes from my observation of what the mind is.

For me there is a deep rooted belief that the mind is the cause of all suffering, which i agree, but i believe that the cause is not the mind itself, a separate thing from us as it is said, the cause of the issue is we as human beings and the way we choose to use the mind. there is a very dualistic way of thinking about the mind and point to it the finger every time we are confused and depressed. I think the mind has amazing powers and can be used to helps get enlightened, this is what i see. and i say dualistic because people speak about the mind like it is something that doesnt belong to us or its outside of us and from my experience i am the mind and the mind is one with me, cannot be otherwise, the mind is inside and enables us to do many things, even grow spiritually i believe since it brings us to questions and koans like who am i.

Anyway, this is just a call to everyone that want to shut the mind or be absense of thoughts since there is the belief that by doing that one gets enlightened. perhaps this is true, but i would say that we can choose our thoughts and take care of them in many ways. here're some examples:

- why do you choose to be judgemental? i believe we can overcame judgements by being compassionative with ourselves, since when we judge others we are actually judging ourselves, the thing we judge actually is a part of us.
- happy thoughts or destructive ones? is it not possible to think what you want to think? if you dont think this is possible then it will not happen, but if you believe this to be true and put it into practice, then it starts to happen.
- from my experience being close to nature helps to get in tune with another frequency of thoughts, more clear and with a more refined intention. when yuo're in a city you get in tuned with the colective thoughts and energy of your environment, so for me one can choose more natural environments.
- the mind is connected to your body and emotions, so when you take care of your mind you take care of your body and emotions, this is scientific, not mine. and when you take care of your body and emotions you're taking care of your mind, so its a win-win situation

i could go on and on, but for the last suggestion (and the administration might not like this) drink Theriaca, a very helpful tea that can help your mind in the process.



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Interesting. Could you say

Could you say that you can be thinking and not know your thinking about that thought? It becomes natural for the human-being to perform such a way.

IllusionOfTheSelf | Sun, 02/27/2011 - 04:21
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Mind is not an Outsider

It is a very creative thoght that we consider ourselves apart from our mind.Mind is a tool that we can use or misuse.We think that mind is an outsider who is responsible for our happiness or sorrow.In fact this is not so.We ourselves are responsible for giving right or wrong direction to our mind. We can feed our mind with whtever thoughts we want by remaining in a good ambience.I do not subscribe to the last suggestion as it sounds commercial.

Mohan Singh | Wed, 04/20/2011 - 07:33