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To keep yourself fit,iam telling you a very simple method of dhyan.In the morning

when you wake up after finising your nitya karm that is going to toilet etc.

Close your eyes &take deep breathing keep your face in smiling posture & say;

1.I am the luckiest man on earth,ihave no complaint towards anybody.

2.I have the perfact healthy body all my organs, vital organs such as my genital,

my both kidneys,my enstitines larger as well smaller,my digestive system,

my pancreas are 100% healthy,working perfectly.

3.My liver is healthy & working perfectly.

4.My lungs are full of oxygen & working perfectly.

5.My complete heart system including aii artries are 100% healthy.

6.My vocal cords.my breathing chanels are working perfectly.

Give thanks to whole physical body from toe to head,repeat daily see the dffr.