Power to Create

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You came to Earth as spirit with all the power of the universe to create anything that you desired. Your name was "I Am" and from the time you could open your eyes you were a part of all that surrounded you. There was no crib, no mom and dad, brother or sister, walls or ceilings. You were they and they you. Although there was time and space between you and what you saw, you did not understand that you were not what you saw, felt, tasted or heard. Even smelly diapers had no meaning for you. There was nothing you wanted or needed because it was outside your awareness and experience.

Then something happened; you began to communicate with your parents and they started educating you in the ways of the world. Eventually you responded to a sound every time someone came into the room - it was your name. Now, you became "I am Roy" and you began to discover that you had some personal power in the new world; when you cried someone came to you. But this power was very limited and you did not understand why you did not always get what you wanted, and people did not always respond to you the way you would have liked.

As you grew older the people around you limited your power by telling you what you could and could not do or have, and of course by this time the power you entered into life with was severely restricted. You were expected to act within the boundaries set by your parents, you community and country. You were given a belief system or religion inherited from your parents, laws, and the correct detergent to use as handed down from your grandmother.

You were given five words to use every day which disempower you, kill the spirit, and make you dependent; these words are "right and wrong," "good and bad," and the most disempowering of all, "can't!" So far the only way that you had to fight back was to break their laws, turn away from their beliefs and use your own language. And it is because you still believe that you are only the physical body, that you are powerless to change the world and God is punishing you. You are completely disassociated with who and what you are. You do not know that you are the creator and that you are not a victim.

You were limited not only by the ones who had power over you, but by a punitive God who had power over your parents. If you wanted anything you had to get down on your knees and beg for it and more than likely you would not receive it because you were undeserving. Also you were required to support the institutions that taught you these things. Failure to comply would mean even less control over your destiny in this life or any other.

Time has demonstrated that humanity is unable to comply with systems, rules or commandments that are meant to control the spiritual nature of humanity. The system that has taken away our power is now breaking down. It was an era, a time in our history that no longer has any relevance to were we are in our evolution.

The damage however is not irreversible and we now have more freedom to explore other aspects of humanity or the human condition. For centuries we have limited ourselves to the five senses, and anyone exploring or demonstrating their other capabilities were condemned by the church and or killed. The progress from the earthly perspective is very slow; however, from the perspective of the universe, it has happened over night.

In our present time, religion represents approximately 84% of the world's population. It is religion that has brought us to this step in our evolution and is the greatest influence on how we live our lives today. It is religion that is therefore responsible for most of what is going on in the world at this time in our history; "the religious revolution." Because we have been so disempowered we believe that we are not creating or are responsible for the way we act, whether it is personal, world or natural conditions. God has been the scapegoat and convenience for us to unburden ourselves of responsibility or accountability. Until recently the extent of our personal power was only known to a few who used it exploit the less aware.

Development of our spiritual awareness comes slowly the longer we leave it. It is usually because we have bought into what we have been taught and we don't see the necessity. However, with age comes the wisdom to know what is and what could have been. By that time many have given up and find it just too much bother or effort to try and change. The fact that I am sixty years of age and have 9 years of experience writing about these things only makes it a little easier. I still have to deal with over fifty years of past experience and it is a slow process, but it's not impossible.

As a child and even into my teens and adulthood I felt powerless. I also felt like a victim and limited in options. I fit in well with those around me because I gave away my power to them. At the back of my mind I knew that this was not who I was; patience, stubbornness and a glimmer of light into the future would help me break the mold. For those who have ever felt this way and for those who want to take back their power there is a sure way of doing it one step at a time. Simply put and explained it can be summed up in one word; responsibility. It is a simple methodical procedure that will allow you to own your life and allow you to become aware of the power you always had to create abundance, good health, and happiness. In order for this to happen you must own the circumstances of your life; everything you do, and everything that others do to you and everything that comes naturally. You cannot give away what you do not own.

You are one of two things; you are either a victim or a creator. The exercise is to know yourself as the creator of all you experience. That very concept will be difficult even for the most enlightened. But you must remember that it is your past that is dictating those thoughts. That is why you must take small steps to overcome them. Remember I said the exercise is simply, but it certainly is not easy. From now on everything that happens to you is a direct result of your desire to have it happen at some level of your consciousness. Whether it is good or bad, works or does not work for you, you must own it. You are the creator and there is a reason for it to happen. You are creating all the circumstances of your life. So the scapegoat here can be your subconscious it you are not ready to own it at a higher level. It's not God's will, and it is not that you are deserving or undeserving or are a victim of natural circumstance or in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's not that you are even lucky or unlucky or something happened by change. Everything is your creation for a reason that may or may not be known to you at this time. Even if you have to lie to yourself for a period of time; you must own all that you experience.

You must know that accidents and illness are also your responsibility. You create them for your own purpose at some level of consciousness. Take that responsibility whether you like it or not and know that you created it for purpose - don't give it away or blame anyone or thing. By doing this you will eventually own your power to change or avoid these things. If you give away your power, you automatically become a victim and powerless to change your circumstances. Don't try to outthink yourself, and ask yourself; why would I want this, why would I do that to myself or I can't make that happen. Accept your power to make them happen for whatever reason known or unknown and eventually you will be in control and able to turn those things around. Know also that any event or circumstance is not a "bad" or "good" thing. All things are created for your purpose, whatever that may be. In hindsight you will discover the reason. Dropping a hammer on your big toe can be a good thing if it gets your awareness - it works for you. It may be a sign that something is not working in your life; time to make a change. A trip to the doctor may provide an opportunity for you to meet your soul mate. It happens for a reason; your reason, accept that, and you will know your power to create all the circumstance of your life. It is not God's will, you are not a victim, and it is you who is manifesting all the events of your life.

In every moment of your life from this point forward accept your power don't give it away any longer. Don't listen to those old thoughts; create new ones. In every minute of every day, tell yourself that you are the creator; that whatever you are doing is for reason, for your purpose. It doesn't matter what others may say or do, you are not giving your power away. This may be slow and painful, but it works. Create this awareness in you and you will become the person you have always known yourself to be. You will never be a victim again.

Remember it never works in your favour to give your power away no matter what the circumstance. Even if for the moment someone has physical power over you; know that at some level you have created the situation for your purpose, hang onto that thought and at some point you will have the power to change it. Most importantly as you become aware of your personal power to create, you will no longer need undesirable experiences to awaken you to things in your life that are not working.

Avoid judgment, for even in judging your own experiences; you will fail.

So, if the boss calls you into his office today and fires you, you made it happen for a greater purpose. If you win the lotto; it was not luck or chance; it was your desire, your power that made it happen. All things work for your greater purpose. And you have the power to change them, whether you believe it or not. This exercise will help you get reacquainted with your power. Recognize the doubt when it comes up and understand that it is natural for it to happen, own the doubt and give it away. It is your doubt, not someone else's, and you have the power to overcome it. The more you work at this the faster it will be made manifest in your life.

-- Roy E. Klienwachter