The Possibility of Possibility - The Unlimited Potential that You Are.

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So much in non-duality is written by "advanced" teachers for "advanced" seekers, and is therefore written in the most "absolute" way. This is how we get the "no seeker", "no person", "nothing to do" points of view. And of course, we will once again say; yes, in the Absolute, these statements are true. But what must we cover with the "beginning" seeker? Telling him or her that they don't exist, and should stop seeking, might just be met with some resistance!

It is sufficient to suggest that the seeker look to see what can be found of "substance" in the ideas one has about oneself. Upon meditating on these questions, the uncovery of the lack of "substance" beyond the ideas themselves opens the possibility of possibility; that which is unlimited potential. That unlimited potential, is what I refer to as Love.

That is the first thing to teach; Love is the Unlimited Potential that YOU ARE ! You are not a person, you are not the Other. You are not even God. You are the Pure Spirit of God, with no God being necessary, the idea of God coming only as an afterthought in Time. And here is the second point to teach; time is simply a way the mind uses to organize ideas into a sequence.

So much emphasis is placed in "new age" thought on the "now ". But the "now " most think of, is a "middle " place in "time ", falling in between "past " and "future ". I just like to say "everything 'happens' at once". For if you conceder it, "past " and "future " are all in the mind, and thoughts occur in the "now ", even thoughts of "past " and "future ". In fact, thoughts of the "present "; the "now ", are also thoughts, once they have "happened " and been considered. Only unconscious awareness, "happening" is Love; unlimited potential. Earnestness in understanding, without knowledge, that you are the movement of Love itself, and the constant removal of time as an ultimate reality, are the places to start.

This earnestness; a word often used by Nisargadatta Maharaj, is really the key to the door of Awareness. Seek and ye shall find. So much emphasis is placed on humor in the West, that any Guru who wants a good following, feels it necessary to be a bit of a comedian. While humor has a place in Spirituality, humor often becomes more important to the followers of a "feel good " Guru, than his "earnestness." Earnestness is defined in the dictionary as "seriousness". It does not mean for this to be in contrast to "humorousness", simply that "earnestness" is not unlike "devotion", even "worship". This is why an "attitude" toward "Bhakti" , is necessary for a beginning "seeker". For only with a single minded, single hearted concentration, can one "become Love", and live "outside of time".