Possibilities of Self Development in the 21th Century

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In 1991, something happened to me. I’ll never forget this year and I have never been the same after that.

Since I was a child, I have possessed a “feeling”, a knowing, that during my lifetime there would be extraordinary experiences for humanity. I have never seen visions, angels or Ascended Masters of Light who announce the coming of a “New Era”: none of these characters visited me – I just had that feeling. This feeling has accompanied me during the last nineteen years of my life and is still here, present and felt with all my being.

Even as I waited for the inevitable, the war in my country (Croatia) surprised all the people who were involved in it. Everyone in this country had a clear perception of having lost something very important for every human being: the freedom of living a “normal, everyday life”. Growing up with this limitation is a complex proposition.

But this tragic situation was a turning point in crystallizing some concepts, if I can call them that, which before were dormant in some unknown area of my being. I became aware of the fact that I couldn’t immerse myself into the patterns of ordinary existence, and every attempt to follow the flow of the river commonly known as “social life”, with all its implications and roles, made me always uncomfortable and forced me to move in another direction, leaving behind whatever I’d established. I was compelled each time to start over again in a search without any object of searching, not knowing how to define what I was searching for. The only thing I knew was that this was a frequently frustrating experience.

I realized in some mechanical way , that I was not unified in my search, that there were a multitude of persons within me, many of whom were not at all interested in the search. I was “legion”. Every part of my fragmented character wanted different things – a good livelihood, relationships, success, money, friends, and much more. The possibility of pleasing all the “people” within me, often in contradiction between them, was practically impossible. And every time I returned to the search for something different that could free myself from this frustrating situation. Fortunately, that need never left me.

I had started to search with other friends in many fields such as psychology, philosophy, literature, eccentric lifestyle, meditation, and others. Each of these enriched my life experiences , but had given me only fragmented pieces of something I was not able to perceive coherently. I hadn’t found anything which I could devote the rest of my life to.

I had become depressed. Maybe, after all, the surface of life was all there was, that there was nothing to find, only to live the life that accident or destiny gave us. Maybe the deeper meanings of life didn’t exist, that this knowing that had nagged me was just naïve nonsense. Maybe all there was to life was money, good sex, and alcoholic drinks to alleviate the sense of emptiness perceived in moments of solitude.

Then, on April 1991, things radically changed. I met the person who changed my life. This man gave me practical directives towards the possibility of changing my state of consciousness, and showed the way to another level of existence. The core of this teaching was similar to that given by the Caucasian master George I. Gurdjieff, known as The Fourth Way. I finally found the proof of the existence which I suspected, and the method to assemble it within myself.

The years that I spent on this “Work” constitute a “Peak Experience”. It is impossible to explain in a few words, the experience and the rate of personal growth facilitated by this man and the other teacher who came after him. It was “intensive”, and continued for 19 years and still continues: Fourth Way teachings, Western and Eastern practical Alchemy, Integral Tibetan and dram Yoga, Taoist concepts and practices, Esoteric Symbolism…

The anxiety and depression became inner peace and better emotional balance, and the awareness acquired set me in the social life, which before escaped me, without falling into the flow of society.

Then I met some persons involved in the study and practice of the methods of self development known as “The Work”, that had become a deeply ingrained part of our inner lives.

Today, I am not a master, but I am sure that I am a better person than I would have been without this teaching. And, the most important thing is that I have found the aim of my life. Last February, my first teacher gave me the last directives about that aim, and now it is crystallized in the Sites and happenings organized in the last two months.

The aim of this link is to share the eternal principles learned in the “Work” as one of the effective possibilities of the 21st century to all interested in an effective self-development with the hope that it will be of benefit to greater numbers of people in their path to awaken.

The age we live in is the moment when many individuals are experiencing the opening of their hearts to new perspectives. So then, the task I have set for myself here is to connect the seemingly intellectual principles of The Fourth Way with the emotional experience of life. The society in which we live is too stifling. We approach most things through our minds, leaving behind, like some forgotten relics, our intuitive processes. The true aim of The Work is to establish a connection to the power of our emotional life, called by some, the “eighteen inch gap”. True understanding lies not in knowing, but in living what you know. It is my hope that this site will be a place where any truly interested seeker would find and share new insights, assistance and love in the creation of a true understanding.