The poison of egoism reject human incarnation

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Shri Shirdi Sai Baba used to say that He is the servant of God (Allah Malik). But He was God directly. Then why did He say that? The behavior of the human incarnation has a specific divine program with respect to humanity on earth. Generally human beings do not tolerate even a little greatness in another co-human being. Generally, when people are chatting with each other, you can find the tendency of each person to criticize everybody except himself or herself. In that case, how can humanity tolerate the greatest God in human form? They should be guided spiritually but every time the human incarnation takes care to pacify their jealousy and ego in every step of the guidance. Hence, the dualism of the human incarnation is an inevitable concept for humanity, leaving a few exceptional devotees of the top most level like the Gopikas. In the dual concept of the human incarnation, God and liberated soul co-exist together.

It is the liberated soul present in the human incarnation that says “Allah Malik”. Moreover, God has to act as an ordinary human being first and then as a devotee to give practical guidance to humanity. The monism of the human incarnation is suitable to only a very few devotees like the Gopikas. Even if they hear “Allah Malik”, they are not disturbed by such statements due to their firm faith. Hence, God in human form always plans His program only according to the general humanity.