Poetry - Searching

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Here I sit in my state of unknown feelings,
of deep sadness and sorrow,
but for reasons unknown.
My life is stable at work and at home.
With family and with friends
But still I sit here wondering
why I feel so empty but not alone,
so dark, but still light, so confused, and so torn.

I fall to the ground and weep
and feel the clutches of pain within my chest.
I search for an answer,
for a guide to show me the path,
for the way, the way I should go,
the road I should take.
I go round and round, through the same motions,
through the same pain
and end up at the same exact place.
Even with moments of clarity and pure wisdom,
I find myself lost in the forest.

Grasping at the roots of the grounded trees,
my hands slip through the loose dirt
and slide along the earth reaching up for the sky,
the open and wondrous world,
the self to pull me above the trees, above the earth,
beyond the physical, into a mystical state.
The earth, the rain, the snow, the mist
fall upon my worn face as I squint
up to the shining light, reaching,
reaching farther, reaching harder.

What path lies here today, lies here tomorrow,
lies there waiting for my presence to become one
with all that is, to transform into
the being of enlightened form, to guide and heal
others in their struggles with their daily chores.
The sea is vast, the sky immense, our spirits never-ending.
From one form to the next, from one lesson to another,
from one love to many, from lost to found.
I search for me.