Poetry - The Sacred Walk

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The wind embraced my soul in a hug
The tree spirits sent blessings under my nose
The rocks shined their sparkling eyes along the path
To send their blessings on this sacred walk

A walk of gratitude and intention
Of sinking into the moment with peace
Of compassion and love, a oneness with source
Of connection and presence, a oneness with all

At each step I am present with all that surrounds me
As the trees limbs reach out in a welcoming embrace
As the ant carries its prey across my dusty shoes
And the birds sway in the wind above my face

In forms of Mountain lions, elephants, eagles, and whales
The trees, rocks, stones, and twigs begin to show themselves to me
To bring the messages of love, compassion, strength, and courage
Each walk reveals more as I open up to listen, to see

The spirits shine their lights ahead of me on the path
Whispering messages in my ear as I climb the beautiful land
And as the butterflies and spirits dance above my head
The earth speaks to me through the granules in the sand

And with each moment I am one with all that is
And I relax into the presence of the beauty I surround
Enjoying every rock, every tree, everything on this earth
Knowing that this moment is a treasure I have found

As I reach the top and melt into the joy of life
I realize that while this ascent is soon to end
It leads from one transformation to the next
As I can journey back down and do it all again

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The sacred walk

I would say------ its beautiful.

madan_gautam | Sun, 11/02/2008 - 04:58
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Thank you!!


datakat | Mon, 11/10/2008 - 02:21