Poetry - More to Gain

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You inhale a secret & indulge in its force
The power is so great, you feel extraordinarily lost
You travel with the essence of its effervescent touch
And you look out in the world with such great impulsive lust
What you see, you think is real but truly is a dream
Still you feel reality as it slips to its extreme
You find an answer to your question & keep pushing to your peak
You will & cannot stop until you find this thing you seek
It reels you in like a fish with its powerful mind
And won’t let go till you give the world’s first ending sign
When thinking back to what you’ve done you ask why you were chosen
No answer comes to mind as you stare at the horizon
You figure for a moment, looking up into the sky
That this world is slowly dying and you have to find out why
You see all the fighting as brutal as death before your eyes
And the pain is slowly seeping over all in silent disguise
It solemnly creeps upon the world & all that’s greatly worth
And the shining power you hold within, you must think to bring forth
Behind every hard, locked door you open with the key
Lies another clue or answer to all eternity
Still you must keep going for there really is no end
Your life is one big circle in which you don’t comprehend
Beyond the gruesome tunnel and far beneath the ground
Is another life dwelling that you have just now found
At first you hesitate and your body’s filled with fear
Because the face that welcomes you holds a dreadful, evil sneer
The eye’s simply glare red into your softened soul
Leaving you feeling empty, lost, scared, and awfully cold
Your whole body seems to freeze because you’re not sure what to do
You need to let go of all that’s dear to you
This will clear your mind and free your soul of all its pain
Leaving you with nothing to lose, only more to gain