Poeple are behind first 3 steps in Yoga only

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People want the Yoga up to first five stages only which is just helpful to their materialism. This much is desired even by an atheist. There is no difference between a devotee and an atheist up to this point. If we show the higher three steps related to God, the devotees become certainly interested. But their interest is again to strengthen their materialism (Pravrutti) only by the upper three steps (Nivrutti). In Nivrutti, the first point of a devotee is about the super power that can do miracles. Such enquiry about miracles is not for recognition of God and not for doing service to God. In the first stage they say that they need the proof of miracles just only for recognition of God to develop in the spiritual field. God is trapped by them due to His infinite kindness and shows the proof hoping that they will turn to the spiritual line.

After seeing the proof, they become very strong devotees and God is again trapped by their talented devotion. They show the climax of theoretical devotion. They do sacrifice of work and fruit of work also to prove that they have achieved the final step of divine service and that they have been really transformed. After some time, when they are sure that God is fully trapped by them, the hidden desire to use His super powers for personal problems comes up in a very sweet coated manner. They plead that the problem is disturbing them from doing the divine service. For the third time, God is again trapped.

God solves their problem with His super power behind which the secret technology exists. He uses the fruits of their own good deeds to solve the problem because their devotion is doubtful. Now they start using the super power of God for every problem in chain. There is no end to this chain. God refuses to solve the problems. Suddenly they discard this human form of God and search for another human form of God repeating the same procedure. They think that they have fooled the previous God and could solve at least a few problems by their talent of film action. But they have not fooled God because no one can fool God.

God has spent from their own bank by withdrawing the fruits of their own good deeds as pre-matured deposits with reduced value. When they approach the new God, history repeats. Even if the new God is not genuine and is a demon, even then, the super power working through that demon is also from the same God, who is present in the previous discarded God only. You may go to another human form of God or a demon, there is no use because the same God exists in another human form and the power of the same God works through that demon. You have changed only the external forms but not the internal God who is one only. If there were several Gods, your trick becomes fruitful. Even if you run to temples, priests, astrologers etc., there is no use because your problem can be solved only by that one God.

The priests have to use the same power of the same God. Planets are the executive powers of the same God. Therefore, there is no use of changing the God. You must change yourself. There is no other way than this even in the infinite span of time. If you stick to the previous real human form of God, you can change yourself because He will guide you by preaching the most powerful divine knowledge and brings determination in you by clearing all your doubts. Therefore, if you have caught the real human form of God, use Him to uplift your soul (Uddhare datmana.. Gita). A rabbit took some money from goddess earth. It wanted to avoid the payment of loan to the earth. Therefore, it started running away to avoid the earth. After a very long run, it became tired and stood. Immediately the earth below its legs asked for the payment of the loan!