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i wrote this a few months ago while on my travels... it's not exactly a literary masterpiece, but i enjoyed it, so i thought i'd share it...

I am fire
and I am water
I am sky
and I am earth,

I am iron
and I am bronze
I am silver
and I am gold,

I am agate
and I am marble
I am jade
and I am diamond,

I am him
and I am her
I am them
and I am me,

I am past
and I am present
I am future
and I am always,

I am less
and I am more
I am all
and I am nothing,

I am giver
and I am taker
I am master
and I am slave,

I am king
and I am beggar
I am student
and I am teacher,

I am silence
and I am music
I am sound
and I am song,

I am light
and I am dark
I am night
and I am day,

I am stranger
and I am friend,
I am lost
and I am found,

I am giant
and I am atom
I am part
and I am whole,

I am truth
and I am good
I am safety
and I am shelter,

I am love
and I am peace
I am warmth
and I am comfort,

I am question
and I am answer
I am knowledge
and I am wisdom

I am life
and I am death
I am god
and I am you...

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It is really a beautiful

It is really a beautiful poem.You discovered yourself through these lines........beauty lies there......we search the TRUTH far away from ourself.....but it is just near us.....we have to see with awreness.
Thanks for sharing your awareness with others.

bonya basu | Mon, 10/25/2010 - 04:35
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God is Tutor
and God is Lerner
God is Guru
and God is Student

God is Writer
and God is Reader
God is poet
and God is poem.

jasdir singh jaura | Mon, 10/25/2010 - 05:49
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true understanding

I think you have enlightened us on saying "I am that I am"
thank you.

OM shanti

Shogon | Mon, 02/21/2011 - 08:10