Please tell me what I win!!!

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I find my heart racing in breathless anticipation as I watch, wide eyed, as my karma points roll up like the million dollar winner of a Vegas slot machine. Post....more points! Blog....more points! WooHoo!!!

My mind races with images of equatorial vacation beaches and string bikinis. How many points for a Rolls Royce?? Anybody know? I can't help it, I'm all a-twitter!!
OMG! the grand prize! Enlightenment itself?! Could it be so?!

Must get onto th next poopst!!!. godda go njh

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What you win?

Dear ones, What we win is the opportunity to overcome our karmic debts, God Willing. That may not be to your liking. We often pay back with sufferings and hardships. But when we can rejoice and be glad for the opportunity to make right our soul will advance. The material is only for this plane. But a rolls royce or a beautiful vacation would be nice.

Dale Leslie (not verified) | Wed, 08/06/2008 - 18:47