Place or Point to Concentrate during Meditation

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Everybody is the player, Of "HIS" or "God's" "GAME",
The Real Question is:
To see the "MAKER" of "GAME"?
Are we sure that we are Playing the "GAME" or it is Something else?
For How long we have to play this "GAME"?
Are we really tired, By playing this "GAME" from such a long "Time"?
Do our "Soul" really want "Freedom" for ever?
Anyhow the "Answers" are......
But, We peoples want wordly pleasures & Micrels through "Meditations", "Concentrations" or "Spirituality",
But we peoples do not want the "Freedom" for ever, Which is the real need, That appears in true spiritual person firstly,
Otherwise we are players, And we are satisfied with the "GAME" or in the other words we enjoying the "GAME" daily,

Place to concentrate? Is Simple..
Suppose we are trying to solve a difficult sum, our concentration automatically goes to the right centre on our fourhead and the sum gets its answer within the right centre
This is "Nature" (weather anybody understand or not)
So this is the simple centre to concentrate during Meditation,

The place being told by Different gurus, Is this,
It is being said that it is somewhere on our fourhead,
But not Exactally,
Otherwise gurus may use permanent marker pen to point the right centre on the four heads of "Disciples",

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centre for concentration

Sri Ramana, out of compassion, told his relative, a village woman that she need not struggle for where to concentrate. He told her further that the spiritual heart is on the right side of the chest, and advised her to install her ishta devata "Lord Karthikeya" and chant the divine name of Lord Karthikeya. Its enough he told.

nrajan57 | Sat, 09/04/2010 - 05:06