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Teachings of Sri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji
Through Pitrusuddhi, a fully realized Guru cleanses not only our sins and sufferings, but cleanses that of our pitrus (ancestors) also, who suffer due to their unrighteous karma (mode of action) and wrongful Dharma (Spiritual Law). The souls of rishis (sages), saints, prophets, devas, and an uncountable number of deities, are waiting to take birth in the Kaliyuga, which is our present era, being the most favourable age for attaining salvation.
They cannot take birth unless they get suitable parents. Such a suitable generation of children are being born through parents, who have become steady in the Guru Margam(spiritual path) shown by a fully realized Guru and purified trough Pitrusuddhi.
Only through such children, a new human society can be built up, capable of correcting the mistakes in Yugadharma(Divine Law) for a certain era- and cleanse the society from all corruptions