Pierced By A Feather

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The ocean sings on the sands

Dancing a two step
With a necklace of yesterday's leaves

Sighing dreams into a wreath

The vice-like grip
Only so I could put one step in front of the other everyday

And carry on the next morning
After the shenanigans of the night that went before

Pretending that everything was okay

Just so that there was some semblance of normality in my life
Some sense of sanity

And to keep myself from going insane
From cracking up

How insane was that!!

And an excruciating cross to bear!

It collapsed in on itself
Under its own weight
The burden too heavy to bear

A let go
Happening by itself
It cannot be contrived

An unclenching of the grip
Just when you feel
You can't bear it a second more

And it feels like death
And it is

And it hurts real bad
Stripped of pretence
Being skinned alive

And no hidden corners
Where you can cower and hide
From the blazing gaze of kali
Once she has you in her sights
Till there's no one left

And then
Not even that

And yet it feels just right
Your neck on the block
Laying in kali's lap

With no fight left
And all arms laid to rest

Pierced by a feather

Engulfed in the warmth
Of your own embrace

And oh the utter relief
To lose one's mind

As sanity landed softly
A butterfly's kiss
On the bleeding nakedness

Beauteous beyond belief
Ungraspable by the mind
It slip-slides through
Even a bejewelled net of words

In the barren fields of her mind
When the mines were dug

Shiny sparkly things peeked up
There was gold everywhere she looked

But she couldn't see her own gold-ness
Except as a reflection
In the other's eye

The darkness so bright
Brilliantly enlit

Were it not for the emptiness of it all
There'd be no sparkly shiny things to see

Including she

And she cared not a whit

For emptiness or fullness

Even as it overflowed

Colouring the lay of the land

She could no longer tell herself
Apart from it all of it

The blues and greens
And violets and reds

And purples turned pink

Songs of gold
A lilting in the air