A Personal God? Part 2

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All of man's most incredible achievements, all the greatest special effects spectaculars created by Hollywood, all that together doesn't even come close to comparison. And yet it was a simple sphere that appeared to be created of the most delicate lace man could imagine. This sphere was poised in the center of eternity. It symbolically represented all the individuals that God has ever created. One could not only see that it exuded life but one could also feel that life.
As I stared in wonder at the sphere, the individual who allowed me to see this beautiful image said to me, “Now you have seen how the Divine Presence is personally connected to you, is personally with you. Now I will allow you to feel His Presence as your soul feels His Presence.” All of a sudden a beautiful warming sensation enveloped my entire being. It was as though I were being cradled as a child in the arms of complete safety and security. A breath that could only be described as a breeze blew across my face, carrying a fragrance of a thousand indescribable flowers. It was the most incredible sensation you can ever begin to imagine. Think of the most beautiful, innocent, secure, joyful moment you have ever had and multiply that by ten thousand and that is just a hint. There was such an immense feeling of being wanted and being wanted just for myself, a feeling of being respected and cared for, a feeling of being perfect and capable of only perfection. There was a feeling of gentle caressing and stroking that went through my entire being, the feeling of truly being wanted for being me. The compassion and understanding that flooded my totality brought me into complete ecstasy. It was the feeling of being completely and totally loved. The feeling was so overwhelming that I moved back and forth between tears of laughter and joy. I had for the first time in all that I can remember been completely and totally loved to the very core of my soul. Even trying to put it into words demeans the experience.
This is the God we have, the Creator we have. He is always there, loving and caring for each of us in an immeasurably vast yet intimate way. This experience is a hint of what awaits us, and a hint of what can be ours even now, in this life, if we only put forth a little effort to love ourselves and those with whom we share life. There really isn't much required of us, but, as was said before, it is the little things that are truly important.
Over the years I have heard many people try to convince others that there is no such thing as a personal God. They have attempted to relegate God to some energy field that simply exists so that we may tap into its power. Let me state here, those of you who believe such nonsense simply do not know what you are talking about. It is the ultimate of vanity and self--serving ego to hold such beliefs or concepts. If there were not a personal God to quietly sustain you through these periods of total ignorance, you would not be in existence long enough to even voice such ridiculous tripe. To those of you who have the ears and eyes of your soul taking in this information let me inform you at this point, that there is absolutely a very, very personal God. With our finite abilities we cannot comprehend a Divine Presence or Being that is so tremendous, so all--encompassing that it is of no challenge or task whatsoever to be a personal God to each and every soul in existence, a personal God in the sense that He recognizes YOU as a unique and specific individual. He recognizes YOU and the situation that you are in. He recognizes that YOU are a specific individual with your own consciousness and not just a drop of water that is lost in a sea of consciousness. He knows YOU personally and He knows YOU better than you know yourself. The most beautiful part of it all is that He accepts YOU and loves YOU just as YOU are. Is there a personal God? Absolutely yes, yes, yes.

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