A Personal God? Part 1

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Many years ago while in a hospital, Mr. LePar suffered a severe reaction to a drug given for a routine procedure. This lead to cardiac arrest. Mr. LePar was considered medically dead for 12 to14 minutes. Among his many experiences that occurred while he was on the other side is the following episode as he describes it.

[Editor's Note: As final editing was being concluded on “Life After Death, A New Revelation,” Mr. LePar requested the editors include one more bit of information. He wanted it at the end so it would be the last thing readers are offered.]
“I think it might be helpful,” he explained. “I've thought about it a lot and I wanted to mention it sooner, but trying to explain it is so difficult. I still don't know if I can do it justice.”
Here is Mr. LePar's account:

While I was there (involved in a near death experience) taking part in what seemed to be many weeks of instruction, I asked if there really was a personal God and not just some type of energy form. The individual instructing me said yes, but I still wondered: How can that be, how can everyone created have a personal God?
The individual with me said, “You won't be able to comprehend, but I will show you a picture of how it can be.” And before me was a sphere, a three--dimensional sphere that glowed, and I knew it was as real as anything could ever be. Its surface was made of many fine, silky lines. It reminded me right away of very delicate lace. And at every point in this magnificent pattern where two lines crossed, there was a bright spot of light.
The individual instructing me called it “the Sphere of Life, the Sphere of Created Life such as you and such as they and such as all those that you are not aware of yet.”
He told me to look at the points of light. They came into greater focus, and they were indescribably beautiful.
“Each speck is a soul that has developed itself into a unique being, a speck of God that has made itself unique.”
I was confused and I asked: How was I to understand this as a personal God who knows me on an intimate basis? He reminded me that I could only be shown a picture but he told me to look closer.
From each point of light I could see a fine thread that went into the sphere, into the center that was the source that sustained the Sphere of Life. I explained what I saw and he said, “That is correct. Now, what is it?”
I replied that it was God. “Yes,” the individual said, “but you must understand that you are not permitted to see God; this is only a symbol.” I asked what the threads were, the threads that ran from the points of light into the center.
“That is the Divine's finger touching you. That finger will always touch you and in that sense God is personally with you. He is a very watchful, protective Father who will never leave His children.”
I was told to notice how all the lines connected soul to soul and that shows how we are all connected together and with God. So many lines and so many points of light, all glowing magnificently, and yet the source of life at the center was even brighter. I don't think the sheer splendor of it can ever be put into words. It was self--illuminating, a world of living light, and there were rainbow colors rippling within and reflecting from the lines that connected the souls.

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Thank you for your wonderful expericne! :-)

I was feeling deppreseed before reading it-
and I'm so happy, loved and hopeful After it!
Thank you so much!!

Lots of Love!
Gil from Israel :-)

We Are God Enough! :-)

LoveBeing | Sat, 01/22/2011 - 11:08